Goals Based Investing

Goals Based Investing

Why do you plan? What's your goal?

We specialize in goals based planning and investing, a methodology that tracks progress toward your ultimate objective, rather than a random financial benchmark.  Each of us invest for a reason.  In fact, there are often several underlying goals within the same portfolio (emergency funds, retirement funds, charitable interests, etc.).   Although the reason varies greatly from family to family, one thing remains true.   Our investments are, and should be, strategies to turn dreams into realities.   No matter the goal, the most important thing to understand is where you are at today in relation to that goal.   This knowledge affords you an opportunity to make rational adjustments and have confidence in your plan.

The most common concern we hear from new and prospective clients, as it relates to their investment plan, is that they're not sure if they are on the right path.  Will they be able to retire with the desired income?   Will they be able to afford a winter home in ten years?   Did the recent market volatility change their ability to reach a previous goal?   All important questions.  Goals based investing keeps what's most important in the forefront, you and your goals.

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