Details on the Tax Deadline Extension

Monthly Economic Update for May, 2020

Backyard Beaches

A month ago, if someone asked me how I felt about Corona, my response would have been that I like it best with a lime.  My mind can easily conjure images of the laid back, beachy, commercials of the vacationer’s propped up feet sitting on the sand beside the lime topped lager. My oh my how the tides have turned.

Key Provisions of the CARES Act

90-Day Tax Deadline Delay

Ma, Pa, & Circling the Wagons

Like many of you, I have converted my dining room table into my work square.  My mind wandered this morning as I gazed out the window at an empty street, except for the random dog walker and delivery truck.  My general thought is, “This is surreal.”  Reality quickly sets in as the sound of my 7-year-old having school from home taught by my wife, who is a furlough

The Solo 401(k)

Social Distancing

Before our commentary, here are some important business continuity details:

Stock Market Volatility Continues

The corona-virus and oil price declines continue to push the market lower and are causing dramatic day to day price movements. Per our previous communication, market declines are common and always caused by a different catalyst. The corona-virus is new and American's are reacting to the uncertainty.

Letter to Investors Regarding Market Volatility and Coronavirus



Dear Investors,


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